Social Media

“I don’t use Facebook, but my customers do.”

At first glance, social media networks seem to be a big waste of time filled with many diversions, but little substance. The reality though is that real business is increasingly being done on social networks. And business that was formerly done offline is migrating to these networks. To keep up, you need to establish a presence.

Consider what social media can do for you:

  • Brand and image-building
  • Prospect and customer engagement
  • Word of mouth and referrals
  • Directory Listings

Social media is a way for prospects and customers alike to quickly interact with you and catch up on what you’re doing. Having up-to-date and interesting pages are crucial to forming a good impression with customers.

Word of mouth is online, too. People routinely ask friends “socially” who they should use for different home needs. Building a presence on different networks that engage fans means you’re more likely to be the recommended company.

Customers can also now use social media to search for companies like they do in more conventional directories. The big difference is that endorsements are coming less through anonymous reviews and more through people they trust.

We cover the major social media platforms to make sure you’re covered.