Free Consultation

We can quote you sight unseen, but we’d prefer to get a look “on-site” first.

We start with the question what’s important to you? Before making a single recommendation, we work to know you and your situation first.  We work with you to help define the problem and related needs. This makes everything clear so you don’t buy something you don’t need.

Our free consultation gets a closer look at your online presence/website and identifies what you might want to fix, improve, or add. From talking with you, we also learn more about your company and its goals so we can make the best recommendations for you.

Each consult includes a free 60-page analysis that gives you a full picture of what’s going on with your website and everything else online that can contribute or hurt your sales effort. Using this data, we assess what you might want to fix or improve.

You also get a chance to know us and learn about how we can help so you can make an informed decision. This a time to ask hard questions to see how we do.

To set up a free consult, fill out the Free Consult form or give us a call.

A word on Online Marketing:

Online marketing continues to dominate how companies get new business and retain existing customers. And it changes daily. Part of our consult includes a brief on key principles of online marketing to better understand how they contribute to your business’s growth… and why being online is absolutely necessary. It’s where the customers are.

Offline Behavior Moves Online:

  • Traditional Advertising -> Pay-per-click and Youtube
  • Word of Mouth -> Social Sharing
  • Yellow Pages -> Online Directories and Reviews
  • Public Relations -> SEO