Online Marketing, Website Design & Consulting Services Tailored For The Home Service Industry

Home Service Marketing
Finding and keeping home service customers is tough and getting tougher. Home Service Geeks uses traditional and online marketing methods to help you stand out amongst the crowd. Including SEO, SEM and more.
Home Service Websites
Word of mouth has moved online and potential customers get more than one recommendation. You need a website to put your best foot forward and detail your services so people see what they need to and call you.
Home Service Consulting
Our background in home services and starting/running companies is brought to bear on a variety of business challenges. We can help every aspect of your business, from regional expansion to increasing operational efficiency.
Other Services
We have other services such brand ID/logos, printed brochures and door hangers. Our view is do what is necessary to reach and convert your customers. You know your market best so we build the program around your understanding.
Home service companies like Emerald Lawns and Hines Pool & Spa work with us for various reasons, but all have the same priority. They want more than just home service marketing; they want a partner they can trust to help them grow their business. Since customers are looking for their services online, they want someone who knows websites and internet marketing. We earn the business by focusing on delivering quality work and results, communicating often to build a good relationship. As experts in both online and home service marketing, we’re equipped to provide a wide range of services to meet your needs. There are a lot of different channels in online marketing you can use to effectively get customers. We cover the major areas and can customize a service to meet your specific goals. We’ll make sure people find you and are impressed with your company once they do.As a home service marketing company, we work with painters, plumbers, lawn care companies, maid services, handymen, and others. They all have varying levels of online presence and experience. Some are looking to get their first website while others are already actively marketing online and are looking for help to expand the effort.

What sets us apart is our focus on communicating what we can do and how it helps you. This allows you to make informed decisions to best meet your goals. We offer a Free Consultation gives you an in-depth assessment of your current online presence and make recommendations for fixes you can make yourself. Give us a call or fill out our form to learn more.

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We Know the Home Service Industry and Your Customers

Working in home service companies prior to Home Service Geeks, we understand better than other online marketing companies what’s involved with getting a home owner or property manager to trust you enough to hire you. We also know where and how they search to best target them.

It’s different marketing for roofing and remodeling companies than for a more general products company. Our home service websites pay a lot of attention to effectively listing your services, building trust, and getting people to call. Our online marketing develops content and online presence to get you a foothold in the local market, a much different task for a local services company than for a national chain or brand.

There are also specialized tools and directories for home service that can be used to specifically target home owners and property managers. We use these tools regularly to know how to best use them.

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Our Process & Philosophy

Online marketing presents a new challenge. It’s becoming increasingly competitive and there’s a steep learning curve for business owners. Our services bridge that gap while keeping you in control.

Prospective clients are impressed that we meet face-to-face and are always available to answer questions about their account. We’re confident that our recommendations will help your business so we don’t require a long term contract. We’re in it for the long haul but want to earn your business every month. Clients like the monthly reports we send them to see just how well we’re doing for them.

Find out how we can build your online presence and help you build your business and brand. Give us a call or fill out our form. You might also consider our Free consultation to learn more. If you’re still not sure about how online marketing might help you, take a look at our informational guide.

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